– “Bohne twinkles through to the bitter end, displaying more lung power and clothed in more shades of pink than I ever thought possible.”

Calgary Herald – “The real power in this show comes in the voices of the cast, particularly Bohne, who gives tiny Elle a bark that seems out of proportion to her tiny physical self.”

The Cavalier Daily – “The material of the musical, which is laden with laugh-out-loud moments, is only enhanced by stunning performances by Nikki Bohne as Elle and Nic Rouleau as her new beau Emmett Forrest.” – “Nikki Bohne rules the stage as Elle, with a strong belting voice and boundless energy. She gives Elle both a naïve hopefulness and a backbone; her “So Much Better” stops the show.”

Lubbock Avalanche Journal– “But for two hours, storytelling works like a charm, thanks primarily to a dynamic lead performance by Nikki Bohne, who was still in college a year ago and now demands attention on stage during at least 95 percent of the show.”

El Paso Times – “The show is filled with impressive performances, particularly from newcomer Nikki Bohne, who looks like Scarlett Johansson, sings beautifully and powerfully, and makes Elle’s personality shift convincingly from a pink-loving Malibu Barbie to a pinstripe-wearing attorney-in-the-making.

The Vancouver Observer – “Nikki Bohne was unbelievable tackling the hugely challenging and demanding role of Elle Woods. She had no trouble wowing the audience.”

Broom Arts Mirror – “Nikki Bohne, who played the lead, was remarkable. She has mastered the sassiness of Elle, while staying true to her vulnerability. Her ability to play her role with such three-dimensionality made rooting for her — against the insurmountable odds that she faced — irresistible. – “The actors sang with piercing beauty, especially Elle, played by Nikki Bohne.” – “Nikki Bohne leads the energetic cast with a powerful voice and fine timing.  Her performance was greatly appreciated by the youthful audience who gave her a standing ovation.” – “It’s the next day and it’s literally all I can think about! Nikki Bohne played Elle Woods and was fan freaking tastic!”

The Daily Athenaeum – “Rouleau and Bohne proved outstanding vocals, especially in duets like ‘Chip On My Shoulder” and “Legally Blonde.’ Bohne did an outstanding job of portraying a convincing Woods, able to balance ditzyness and charm at the same time.”

The Columbus Dispatch – “Bohne is likeable and appealing in the central role, with a flair for subtle physical comedy.”

Southern Ohio Performing Arts Association – “Nikki Bohne as Elle is indeed the embodiment of her character; big voice, big personality, amazing dance and pure energetic dynamo.”

Scranton Times-Tribune – “Nikki Bohne stole the show in the lead role as Elle Woods…And if her voice, smile or step don’t win over the dragged-along husbands and fathers in the audience, her surprisingly skillful hand at tying a four in one knot in another character’s tie should.”

The Grand Rapids Press – “Nikki Bohne, who’s a real firecracker as Elle Woods…Bohne not only has a voice strong enough to lead one high-intensity rock number after another, but she can show off some snappy dance moves at the same time.”

Florida Times-Union – “Nikki Bohne, who honed her craft at Tokyo Disney, is a dynamo as Elle Woods. It’s hard not to think of Witherspoon when some of the familiar lines come up, but Bohne makes the part her own, especially during the frequent song-and-dance numbers.” – “Nikki Bohne plays the blonde and determined (and brainy!) Elle Woods.  Her vocal performance is superb and carries the show effortlessly, as does her comedic timing, and she makes it highly enjoyable.”

Reno Gazette – “The cast of this touring production is terrific, and the radiant Nikki Bohne is particularly strong as Elle Woods.”

Edmonton Journal – “The forces of lightness are led by the impossibly dynamic and engaging Nikki Bohne as Elle Woods, a role that has this petite powerhouse onstage wearing pink, belting, dancing and smiling radiantly — often simultaneously — for most of the evening. You can’t even consider doing Legally Blonde without the right Elle; it’s like Hamlet that way. Bohne is fabulous.” (Vancouver) – “Let’s not kid ourselves into ever thinking that anyone could play an Elle like Reese Witherspoon, and this was not an exception, but it was a mighty fine effort. Nikki Bohne was a fine replacement for perfection and had vocal chords that Reese probably wished she owned.”

Calgary Sun – “The success of any production of Legally Blonde rests on the shoulders of the actress who plays the blonde bombshell Elle Woods and boy does this one have a certified winner in Nikki Bohne. For such a tiny woman she has enormous pipes and a commanding stage presence. She belts out the shows songs and zings the jokes with confidence and ease and with those wigs and costumes she’s a dead ringer for Reese Witherspoon who created the role for the film.” – “Most satisfying is the fact the enormous lead role has been given to a newcomer with absolutely tremendous talent. It is hard to believe that this is Nikki Bohne’s first major post-school starring role, as she only graduated from Brigham Young University’s music/dance/theatre program last April. She is the perfect Elle, probably as good in the musical version as was Reese Witherspoon in the movie – and it was the movie that truly launched Reese’s career. The petite Bohne is young enough to be full of energy, charismatic and she possesses a great voice. What’s more interesting is how she develops Elle through the show, from the brain-dormant California fashionista to a character we come to love and respect by the end of the show. It’s a monster role – Elle’s on stage and the centre of the action for 90% of the show – but Nikki handles it like the seasoned star that she is not! She is truly a star in the making.” (Riverside) – “What made the movie work was the warmth and sincerity Reese Witherspoon brought to the role of Elle. Nikki Bohne has all that, plus stage presence and a belt for the nearly non-stop pop-rock score.” – “But for two hours, storytelling works like a charm, thanks primarily to a dynamic lead performance by Nikki Bohne.” (Orange, Texas) – “Nikki Bohne did a great Elle. Perky and pink, she dazzled Harvard as she tried to get her college boyfriend, Warner, back.”

Toledo Blade – “As Elle, Bohne is in almost every scene, and she handles the demands of the show with a great deal of skill and charm.”